Full portfolio of accessories available to accomplish your solution.

Barrier module that provides intrinsically safe power supply with intrinsically safe RS485 serial communication circuits and two digital outputs to non-explosive environments.

The new generation of an intrinsically safe power supply designed for ELCORplus and ELCORlite gas volume correctors and DATCOMplus and DATCOMlite data loggers.

Safety isolation barrier for the RS485 (or RS232) communication lines, allowing data loggers to be connected to readout systems located outside the explosive zone.

The CLO current output module provides a 4-20 mA current output for appliances ELCOR, ELCORplus, ELCORplus indexer, DATCOM, DATCOMplus and for previous devices nanoELCOR, miniELCOR, midiELCOR and maxiELCOR (same for versions as DATCOM).

The new generation of an intrinsically safe power supply designed for external power supply of the integrated modem in the ELCORplus and ELCORlite volume correctors and DATCOMplus and DATCOMlite data loggers.

Safety barrier for digital outputs B-DO (B-DO/A) it safety barrier separator for digital outputs from these appliances: ELCOR, ELCORplus, ELCORplus indexer, DATCOM and DATCOMplus.

Solar regulator SRM is used for permanent charging of 12V lead VRLA accumulator from a solar panel or from DC power supply. It is mainly used to provide a backup external 12V power supply for ELCORplus correctors and recorders, ELCORplus indexer, DATCOMplus and connected accessory modules.

The communication isolator for the internal bus B-IB is a safety isolation barrier for the internal intrinsically safe communication bus of the appliances ELCORplus, ELCORplus indexer and DATCOMplus.

Telemetry and power supply case (cabinet) TENAS-01 is an accessory for correctors and recorders.
The TENAS-01 enclosure is designed for use in non-explosive environments.

USB infrared optical head HIE-04 can be used for communication with Elgas s.r.o. devices. HIE-04 has been designed according to EN 62056-21 standard (former IEC-1107 standard). HIE-04 can communicate with baud rate up to 115200 Bd.

Intrinsically safe power supply JBZ-02 designed for assembly on DIN bar 35 mm with possibility of accumulator backup. This power supply serves as external power supply for Elgas s.r.o. devices such as ELCOR-2, microELCOR and xELCOR/xDATCOM series.

Ball cock with hand lever control DN 3 PN 100. Usable for all liquids and gases non-aggressive towards seal of material NBR., pressures to 100 bar, approved SZ 202 for mounting in any position.