Basic features

    • Intrinsically safe power supply of the internal modem for ELCORplus volume corrector and DATCOMplus data logger
    • Supplied in 35 mm DIN rail mounting
    • Power supply voltage 12 V DC
    • No-load output voltage 5,2 V DC
    • Operating temperature -40 až +70 °C

External power supply

  • The use of an external power supply is recommended:

    • If the working mode of the corrector/data logger's internal modem is set to have a higher current consumption from the battery, thus shortening its lifetime (for the standard modem settings and modem battery life, refer to the user manual of ELCORplus).

Available variants

    • PS-M - PS-M power supply is designed for systems whose power is derived from mains voltage (Um = 250V). The PS-M can be powered, for example, from a non-backed-up power supply or from a battery backed-up power supply with an AC charger
    • PS-M/A - The PS-M/A power supply has reduced its own power consumption compared to the basic design. Its use is suitable for battery-powered systems which can be recharged via solar panels (Um = 60V)