• The production department has these certificates:

    • Quality management system ISO 9001
    • Environmental management system ISO 14001
    • Announcement about quality supplying ATEX


    The product has to pass calibration and several controls when is finished:

    • Device parametrization, temperature, and pressure calibration
    • Technical control
    • Metrology
    • Final product inspection


    To achieve the highest possible quality and accuracy of manufactured equipment, the production line is equipped with the latest technologies and modern test equipment, which are connected to the information system. The company's own development and production process allow the company to maintain full control over the quality of its processes and outputs. The company has long modernized processes aimed at automation and robotization of production in order to achieve maximum efficiency of all production processes. The company's goal is to market such devices that are in the European concept of smart metering, smart grids and can communicate in new generation networks.