• The company ELGAS, s.r.o. thanks to its advanced development, it has built a good reputation in the world. It is perceived as a leader and carrier of innovations in the field of measuring technology for the gas industry. Product development is designed to meet global standards and follow rapidly evolving technological trends. The employees of the R&D department have a fully equipped background for their needs, where they can implement their ideas. The newly developed knowledge is tested in our own certified metrology laboratory, which ensures the verification of gas quantity converters and gas meters.

    3D printOver two decades, the R&D department has launched several globally recognized devices. The R&D section includes hardware, software, firmware, design, testing, and technical preparation departments. The development workplace is equipped with modern technologies, an important part of which is a test room for electromagnetic compatibility for verifying the properties of new equipment, a climatic chamber for testing the influence of the environment on the equipment itself, or a test and development line for gas meters.

    The main development line in our company consists of gas quantity converters. These devices are developed for simple and complex telemetric commercial measurements. Other important series are data loggers, devices designed for measuring temperature and pressure, telemetry and communication devices, digital pressure, and temperature transducers. The development and production of converters and other measuring devices meet strict standards for quality and accuracy, ISO 9001 quality management system standards, ISO 14001 environmental management system, and ATEX quality standards.

    The company ELGAS, s.r.o. in its development reacts flexibly to technological developments on the market. The company's goal is to develop and take to market such devices that can communicate in a modern way, are modular, and despite their constantly increasing quality, accuracy and durability, are competitive on the market. The entire development process of the company is aimed at the gradual implementation of the European concept of SMART METERING into its products.