• ELGAS's Business departments within an organization typically enclose a range of functions aimed at achieving the company's overall objectives and ensuring its smooth operation. 

    Team Structure: The sales department consists of 12 individuals, presumably divided among different roles or responsibilities. This aligns with the broader concept of business departments, where teams are organized based on functions such as marketing, sales, finance, etc. Our company has had great successes in the worldwide market thanks to the Sales and Marketing Director Peter Bartl and thanks to the Sales Director for Czech and Slovak Republics Bohumil Bures.

    Within the sales department, there are specific parts  delineated based on their functions:

    • Marketing and Business: This division likely handles market research, advertising, promotion, and overall business development activities aimed at driving sales.
    • Client Service: This division focuses on providing excellent customer service to existing clients, addressing their needs, and ensuring their satisfaction to foster long-term relationships.
    • Technical Sales Support: This division provides technical expertise and support to sales efforts, assisting both sales representatives and clients with technical aspects of products or services.
    • Service Group: This division is likely responsible for after-sales service, including installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and support.
    • Global and Regional Success: The description mentions the sales department's success in the worldwide market, indicating its effectiveness in achieving sales goals on a global scale. Additionally, it highlights the contributions of specific sales directors for different regions, emphasizing the importance of localized strategies and leadership in driving success in specific markets.

    In summary, while the provided description specifically outlines the structure and achievements of the sales department, it aligns with broader business department functions such as marketing, client service, technical support, and service provision, which are essential for the overall success of the organization.