• ELGAS is a medium-sized company with an extensive research and development department. The company develops and manufactures technologically advanced equipment for the gas industry, which reflects the latest trends in communication technologies and next-generation networks. Newly developed knowledge is verified in our own authorized metrology laboratory, which guarantees maximum accuracy of manufactured equipment. The high level of production processes is guaranteed by quality certificates, thanks to which the company meets a number of the most demanding standards.

    With its constant development and innovation, the company keeps pace with global trends in the field of smart metering. Our own development background and flexible decision-making capabilities enable an individual approach to customer needs. Due to the modular possibilities of its products, the company is able to offer a technical design of a tailor-made solution for measurement, processing, and data transmission.

    During its existence, the company has built a stable global network of experienced business partners on the European, Asian, American, and Australian continents. Thanks to meeting the needs of the local market, the company has for many years focused on exporting its products mainly to the European and Asian markets, which account for the majority of the company's turnover.

    The company takes care to minimize the burden on the environment, whether during production, operation, or recycling of its equipment. ELGAS is aware of its social responsibility towards the Pardubice region, in which it operates, which is why it has long supported a number of local non-profit projects and organizations.


Why us
Always on top
Continuous development since 1992
The whole world coverage
New generations of products
Still innovative – The 4rst generation of EVC
Complete measurement coverage
Full coverage in gas department
Public measurements
Metrological laboratory for public measuring
Modular and flexible design of EVCs
Worldwide gas control
Controlling gas in more than 70 countries around the world
New innovative solutions
Still innovating products