• The combined module is manufactured in two versions:

    • B-PRO basic design
    • B-PRO/A version for powering the module from the battery only
  • The device contains elements for interference protection and protection for polarity reversal of the voltage supplied from the power supply. It provides 3 functions for the corrector/ recorder:

    1. Communication separator
      The separator allows the following conversions between the IS RS485 communication interface and the normal RS485 and RS232 interfaces for connecting common devices.
    2. Digital output separator
      The separator allows you to separate up to two digital signals from the corrector to intrinsically safe terminals.
    3. External IS power supply for corrector/recorder
      The intrinsically safe power supply (5V OUTPUT) has protection against reversal polarity, voltage and current limiter circuits, and an output voltage regulator with a limiter consisting of a pair of Zener diodes. The power supply has a built-in replaceable fuse T100mA.