Basic features

    • The spark-proof barrier for RS232 and RS485 serial interfaces of ELCOR, ELCORplus, ELCORplus indexer, DATCOM and DATCOMplus data loggers
    • Mounting on 35 mm DIN rail
    • Supply voltage 12V

Available variants

    • B-RS - The basic design of the separator is designed for systems whose power is derived from the mains voltage (Um = 250V). The B-RS can be powered e.g. from a non-backup power supply or from a backup power supply what is rechargeable mains charger, etc.
      The basic design of the B-RS has galvanic isolation between the input and intrinsically safe output circuits.
    • B-RS/A - The B-RS/A separator has a reduced self-consumption compared with the basic design. Its use is suitable for systems powered only by a battery, which can be recharged via solar panels (Um = 60 V).
      This power supply design has no galvanic isolation between the input and intrinsically safe output circuits (the negative input and output terminals are interconnected).


  • The device is designed and approved as a follow-up device. This means that only approved intrinsically safe devices complying with the intrinsically safe parameters specified in the EC-Type Examination Certificate may be connected to the intrinsically safe terminals of the instrument. The next connected equipment must be located outside the explosive zone operation.