• The CLO current output module must be connected to the mentioned correctors and recorders via a safety barrier (eg. B-DO, B-DO/A). The module must be located outside the potentially explosive zone.

    The B-IB Safety barrier for the internal bus is supplied with 12 V DC.

    The Communication Separator is placed in a plastic box and is designed for installation into a rack on DIN 35 mm rail.

    The CLO module contains two galvanically isolated circuits - a digital input circuit and a current output circuit. Both of these circuits require external power. In terms of the current line
    4 - 20 mA is called a passive transmitter.

    The output current is controlled in the range of 3.5 mA to 24 mA. Output current value information is transmitted to the module by digital communication with security.

    The CLO current output module has galvanic isolation between the DIN input circuit and the current output on the output circuit.

Basic features

    • Digital signal converter to current output 4-20 mA 
    • Mounting on 35 mm DIN rail
    • The supply voltage is 12V
    • Operating temperature is -40 to +70°C