• The separator contains anti-interference and reverses polarity protection elements for the voltage supplied from the power supply. For connection to the intrinsically safe internal communication bus (IB) of the converter/logger, the separator is equipped with an intrinsically safe RS485 interface (terminals D+, D-, U+, GND).

    The supply voltage from the intrinsically safe internal bus (IB) of the converter is applied to terminals U+ and GND, which are used to supply the separate circuits of the intrinsically safe RS485 communication interface of the B-IB separator. To connect a communication device (e.g. SRM module) to the B-IB separator, the separator is equipped with terminals D+ and D- of the common RS485 communication interface. The communication separator is a transparent device from the signal point of view, i.e. the communication signals passing through the separator do not change their properties (the used communication protocol and the used communication speed are maintained).

    The B-IB communication separator has galvanic isolation between the intrinsically safe RS485 circuit and the standard RS485 interface.

Basic features

    • Separation of communication via the internal RS485 bus - typically using with SRM solar controller module
    • Mounting on 35 mm DIN rail
    • The supply voltage is 12V
    • Operating temperature is -40 to +70°C


  • The device is designed and approved as a follow-up device. This means that only approved intrinsically safe devices complying with the intrinsically safe parameters specified in the EC-Type Examination Certificate may be connected to the intrinsically safe terminals of the instrument. The next connected equipment must be located outside the explosive zone operation.