• Enables:

    • communication with the system via fixed-line RS-232/RS-485, telephone or GSM data modem or GPRS channel
    • parametrization of the system (miniELCOR, maxiELCOR, DATCOM-RTU, ELCOR-2, DATCOM-2, DATCOM-AMR, AMR2,AMR3, DATCOM-K4)
    • finishing (calibrating) one-point or two-point measured analog quantities in modules which enable it
    • reading and displaying momentary values of analog and binary quantities
    • reading archived analog and binary quantities, it's storing into databases
    • displaying archived data into table and graph
    • generating daily and hourly consumption curves in text form with type of quantities “impulse counter”
    • the securing system with passwords
    • reading and setting up system time
    • upgrading new firmware in the module, which enables it
    • periodic automated reading and processing of data from more measuring points at once without user intervention

    Note: During entry of any decimal values into program TELVES.EXE use dot instead of the decimal point.


    The downloaded file is packed by ZIP packing software. Click on "Setup.exe" after unpacking to perform the installation.

    A further step is evident from the monitor screen. The installation program offers a directory, into which will be installed individual parts of the program. If the offered directory of the disk does not satisfy you, bring your own new required disk and directory. Confirm the choice by pressing key Enter. Installation is conducted in the standard way as with any other programs. After finishing the installation, we will be created a new group with the name ELGAS in offer Start/Programs. In group is an icon for starting program TELVES.EXE and an icon for displaying Help on the screen of your PC.