Overview and functions

  • The gas volume corrector µ-ELCOR is connected to the GSM modem via separating communication module DATCOM-S2 that realizes the required safe separation between the gasvolume corrector, which is located in the hazardous area, and the GSM modem, which is located in non-hazardous area.

    As a standard option the GSM modem is powered directly from a build in power source.

    Optionally the powering can be led through a disconnecting switch ON-01, which disconnects the GSM modem according to the pre-set period (cca 6, 12 or 23 hours) for a short time of about 20 sec (it can be used as a prevention against an incidental block up of the modem activity, e.g. in case of a momentary power cut of mains voltage, etc.).

    The mains feeding to the box TES-01 shall comply with the conditions of overvoltage protection, level III.

Basic description

    • Remote communication with gas-volume correctors µ-ELCOR
    • Data transmission via built-in GSM modem
    • Small dimensions (300 x 135 x 200 mm) and weight
    • Enclosure IP 65