Characteristics of the whole system can be summarized into following points:

    • modularity – adaptability to given measurement point, easy extensibility during change of task defining
    • system openness – possibility of connection of sensors or devices from other producers
    • telemetric properties – collection and storage of data, indication of limit states, communication with superior computer, sending alarms to dispatching, communication via standard media, various protocols
    • backing-up feeding of system from accumulator – including alternating or direct feeding for modem
    • inbuilt regulation elements – regulation of slow processes
    • possibility of direct connection of selected signals from hazardous area
    • possibility of dislocation of part of system from central unit – saving of costs for cabling, mor
    • favorable situation from the perspective of electromagnetic disturbance from environment
    • galvanic separation – simplified installation, system protection against extraneous influence (overvoltage, failure of other devices …)
    • possibility to increase climatic resistance
    • possibility of firmware update of processor modules (module CPU even remotely)
    • possibility of reduction of system consumption – extension of back-up time, possibility of feeding from battery or from alternative sources of electric energy

    Overview and functions

    Standardly is system fed from electric network via power supply 12V/2A with possibility of back-up feeding of system by accumulator. However system also enables selection of special operating state, when the current consumption of device is lowered to minimum, and system can be in the long run in operation (several years) during feeding from 2  lithium battery cells 3,6V/Ah. In this regime are put out some module circuits from operation and therefore is not possible to fully use all system possibilities.

    Whole system is concepted as modular.

List of produced modules

    • UPS
    • CPU
    • SIO
    • DIO-8 (DIO-8/IS)
    • AO-2
    • COM
    • ISS
    • AI-7 (AI-7/A)


    Through the need of deployement of the system even in an explosive enviroment, some modules are made in two different colour schemes. The basic module is of gray colour, module for explosive enviroment is of blue colour.

    Individual modules of system are mutually interconnected with system busbar, which serves for distribution of power supply and communication signals. With the aid of this busbar are also connected digital transducers of pressure and temperature.

    Communication between modules via internal busbar with protocol Modbus is asychronic serial, with transmission rate 38400Bd, while each module has its assigned unique address. During dislocation of system block or during passageway through module ISS are not transmitted all signals of system busbar into another block of modules.