Device description

  • A smart diaphragm gas meter with volume conversion picoELCOR-2 is a compact device for measuring gas consumption for smaller objects (e.g. administrative and trade objects). It is intended for measuring natural gas consumption and data transmission via the built-in modem.

    The basic part of the device, ensuring the measurement of the operating gas volume, is the membrane gas meter METRIX UG G10, G16, or G25. The device is supplied with a membrane gas meter size G10, G16, or G25.

    Recalculation of the measured gas volume to standardized conditions, evaluation, and display of the operating quantity and recalculated gas volume is provided by the integrated picoELCOR-2 electronic counter with the display. The electronics of the smart gas meter also include a combined gas pressure and temperature sensor integrated directly into the body of the membrane gas meter. Remote reading of gas meter data is possible using the built-in modem.

    The electronic counter is designed and approved to EN 12405‑1:2005+A2:2010 / EN 12405-1:2018 as a type 1 converter (compact system) and can be supplied with PTZ or PT conversion.

Key features

    • All in one
    • High accuracy
    • Full PTZ volume conversion
    • Integrated GSM/GPRS/SMS modem
    • Designed according to MID
    • Approved for hazardous area ZONE 1
    • Pulse output
    • Available sizes G10, G16, G25
    • Battery life up to 15 years
    • Compliant with Italian standards ARG 155/08 and UNI/TS 11291

Main features

    • The latest technology used ensures the great performance of the device and its great durability in use and handling
    • High immunity to interference (EMC), withstands up to twice the interference values ​​required by the industry standard
    • Architecture enabling easy adaptation to customer requirements
    • Digital output widely configurable by the end user
    • Durable capacitive keyboard for easy device control
    • Display of current values ​​and set parameters of the device
    • A new generation of digital pressure and temperature transducers with high accuracy and long-term stability
    • Large-capacity FLASH memory for internal archives for storing measured and calculated data for several years
    • Communication with the device via 2 independent communication channels (internal modem, optical head).
    • It can run locally or remotely using an internal modem in the latest generation networks by various communication protocols with high communication speed (up to 115kBd)
    • Each communication channel can communicate using a different protocol
    • Communication is completely independent and does not affect the measurement, calculation, and data archiving system in any way
    • Possibility of the remote download of control FW in accordance with Welmec 7-2 Extension D
      Implemented several levels of protection against misuse of the device
    • Changing device settings locally or remotely
    • Open architecture for solving new requirements and projects
    • Allows battery operation for up to 15 years without battery replacement

picoELCOR-2 diaphragm gas meter is available in one variant

    • Smart diaphragm gas meter built on the APATOR METRIX mechanical solution platform

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