Overview and functions

  • The microswitch B 612-1, which is closed up in a water-proof metal case, creates the core of the limit switch KS 06. Its function is controlled through a spring-off contact pivot, which transmits the pressure of a slam-shut safety valve lever to a microswitch and it signals a switch-off position. Once the control mechanism releases a  lever of a slam-shut safety valve from a top working position, the electric circuit is switched on and it is signalled that working medium supply is interrupted.

    The limit switch KS 06 is designed in a safety performance in the enclosure type "n". It is possible to use it in the environment ZONE 2. To be connected into a holder of a slam-shut safety valve the limit switch KS 06 is equipped with a pivot with the thread M12x1,5. The outlet of a cabel from a microswitch case is made by a cabel bushing P9. It is necessarry to use a cabel with the outer diameter of 6 – 8 mm to keep covering IP 68.