Overview and functions

  • JBO-01 is produced in two variants depending on range of input voltage. Standard variant JBO-01 is intended for input voltage 230Vst and variant JBO-01/A for input voltage 6 to 30 Vss, 6 to 26 Vst. Output JBO-01 is realized by transistor with open collector. For connection to input of DATCOM is possible to connect outputs of three JBO-01 into series (indication of failure in three-phase voltage system).

    On the board JBO-01 is placed shorting jumper (jumper J1). By disconnecting of this jumper in the variant JBO-01/A, time of fastening and unfastening of output is compressed. Thereby JBO-01/A is predetermined for monitoring voltage impulses.

    Module JBO-01 is inbuilt into plastic box intended for mounting on lath DIN 35. Switching on indication LED diode on the box indicates presence of input voltage.