Product description

  • Momentary as well as recorded values there is possible to view on display of conversion device or can be read to PC computer memory and further to process it in graphic or tabular form. The communication with PC is enabled via RS 232C channel or via infrared interface. The device also enables the communication with PC via modem.

    The device is fully developed for battery feeding and its hardware configuration together with software equipment guarantees minimally 6  years of regular function without battery change. Although the device ELCOR-94 is fully valuable with battery feeding, it is also possible, at the frame of device configuration extension, to deliver the power supply and device can be fed directly from network.

    The device is constructed for application into hazardous area with explosion risk of inflammable gases and fumes and it is therefore approved for these purposes by State Test Room Number 210 in Ostrava-Radvanice.

    The Conversion Device is delivered with pressure sensor and temperature sensor. Conversion device together with sensors can be placed into ZONE 2 environment.

Overview and functions

  • Gas-volume conversion device ElCOR-94 calculates the low-frequency volume impulses from turbine, rotary or diaphragmal gas meters. It calculates flown operating volume from number of impulses and from gas meter constant. From the measured values of absolute pressure and temperature and from rated value of the compressibility degree of gas it is calculated from operating volume the standardised volume at referential conditions.

    From the gains of operating and standardised volumes are determined the actual and maximal values operating and standardised flow rate [m3/hour].

    In case of occurrence of some error status (e.g. the temperature and pressure are found out of selected range), the input impulses and also subsequently the volume converted to relative conditions are added to the value of meter of alternative operating volume, respectively to the value meter of alternative standard volume.

    The information of momentary values of pressure and temperature of gas is gained from accurate measurement by pressure and temperature sensor as well. At the battery feeding the cycle of measurement is programmable at the range of 1-30 sec, at network version the momentary analogue values are scanned after 1 second. Approximately 90 days prior to the end of calculated or measured battery life the warning message appears and arises the necessity of its replacement.

    Conversion device is equipped with archive for storing the records of the values of temperature, pressure, operating and standardised volumes. The records are displayed in hourly (if need be minute) and daily archives. Another archive is monthly archive, at which there are recorded the average monthly values at the range of the last 15 months. Also there are registered maximal and minimal operating flowages, temperatures and pressures.

    In the memory of conversion device, specifically in setting archive are permanently registered the minimum of 150 interventions into the setting and configuration of the device. In status archive the are registered the last 100 important operating conditions. Limit values of measured quantities are registered in archive of the limits. The programming of ELCOR-94 can be read in menu of PARAMETERS and SERVICE DATA.

    The conversion device has two diagnostic registers for control of operating condition.

    The conversion device is equipped with standardised and operating volume impulse outputs and with error signalling output. For remote data transfer the device is equipped with serial interface RS 232C and with serial channel enabling the transfer via infrared head.

    All necessary actual or stored data and parameters can be easily displayed by help of keyboard on two-line alphanumeric display. During the device configuration with feeding from network the display is permanently switched on and pressure and temperature measurement is performed continually with the period of 1 s. During the network failure the program passes over to the same way of servicing as during the battery version (display switching off, etc), because it is passed over to the mode of feeding from battery.

    ELCOR-94 contains the circuits, which enable the communication with surroundings. Those circuits secure the galvanic separations of intrinsically safe circuits of ELCOR-94 from the environment. Proper communication can be performed by two ways:

    • a) by transfer via infrared light this transfer is realised through the transparent window on the front side of ELCOR-94 by enclosing the communication head;
    • b) transfer via interface RS 232C this transfer is realised by connecting the cable with standard connection for RS 232C; galvanic separation solves the internal circuits of ELCOR-94.

Technical parameters

  • Mechanical Parameters
    Dimension (w x h x d) 190 x 175 x 90 mm
    Weight max. 2,6 kg
    Cabinet material Aluminium alloy
    Covering (according to the ČSN EN 60529)td> IP65
    Operating temperature -20 °C to +60 °C
    Operating position vertical
    Protection from dangerous touch of life and lifeless parts by low voltage
    In-explosive Design
    Combined Protection Flash Safety "ia"and the Protection of type "nA"
    Marking II 3G EEx ib nA IIB T3
    Certificate No. FTZÚ 02 ATEX 0036
    Using for explosion hazard atmosphere ZONE 2
    Power Supply
    Type of Feeding Battery LP-01 (lithium)
    Feeding Battery Lifetime 6 years
    Feeding Battery Status Indication Warning 90 days prior discharge
    Power supply from external flash safety source JBZ-01
    Internal back up battery Saft LSH 14250
    Back up Battery Lifetime 10 years
    Measurement principle PTZ conversion device
    Marking of type approval TCM 143/95 – 1968
    Marking of type approval
    Standardised volume < 0.5 %
    Temperature < 0.1 % of measured value (at the range of
    -20 to +60°C)
    Pressure < 0,25 % of measured value (at the range of
    -20 to +60°C)
    Operating volume 0 %
    Grade of compresibility < 0,05 %
    Operating flowage < 1 %
    Standardised flowage < 1 %
    Gas Volume Conversion
    Volume conversion to the referential conditions According to ČSN 38 5510
    Relative gas humidity φ=0
    Calculation error including the determination of compresibility grade < 0,05 %
    Compresibility grade a) according to AGA NX-19
    b) constant
    Temperature Input
    Sensor type Pt1000
    Range of measuring temperatures -20 to +60 °C
    Input Accuracy ± 0,1 % of measured value
    Cable External Diameter 5 mm
    Cable Length 2,5 m
    Probe Diameter 5,7 mm
    Pressure Input
    Input Accuracy ± 0,25 % of measured value
    Measuring Range 20 to 100 % of rated pressure
    Way of connection Sensor inside device, or optionally to 2,5 m of the cable
    Input of operating volume meter
    Error rate 0 %
    No load voltage Approx. 5 V
    Short circuit current Approx. 5 μ A
    Internal resistance Approx. 1 MΩ
    Impulse length ≥ 30 ms
    Delay length ≥ 30 ms
    Max. input frequency 1 Hz
    Connection Twin-wiring
    Cable 2 x (0,15 až 2,5) mm², shielded
    Cable External Diameter 4,0 - 6,5 mm
    Number of outputs 3
    Kinds of outputs - operational volumetric
    - standardised volume
    - output of error message
    Galvanic outputs separation 2,5 kV
    Max. voltage 30 V
    Max. current 30 mA
    Impulse outputs - parameters (optional) a) group of impulses,
    impulse widths of 2 ms or 25 ms
    b) particular pulse widths of 50 ms or 2 ms
    - the group and particular pulses are transmitted with the period of measurement
    Error output Without error - unhooked
    Communication line RS232
    Outputs separation galvanic
    Communication protocol ELGAS
    Communication speed 9600 (1200, 2400, 4800) Bd
    Format 8 bitů, 1 stop, without parita
    Power supply from host port
    Cable connection into terminal
    Max. cable length 15 m
    Interface for infrared head (HIE-01)
    Interface of serial communication IEC-1107
    Communication speed 9600 Bd
    Communication protocol ELGAS



  • Standard accessories

    • Mounting plate
    • Basin for temperature sensor of the length of 100 mm
    • Lug on the pipeline line (direct or cross)
    • Lugs with strap for attaching the mounting plate on pipeline
    • service SW
    • user manual

    Optional accessories

    • three-way tap DN3 PN100
    • infrared head HIE-01
    • telemetric power supply box TENAS-01