Device description

  • The ELCORlite is a single-channel gas volume converter powered by lithium batteries. Low-frequency pulse input is used to connect to the gas meter. The pressure measurement is provided by the latest type of digital pressure transducer ELGAS EDT 125, which can be installed in the device as an internal or external design. Very wide measuring ranges (eg 80 - 2000 kPa) make it easier for the user to use the device in various types of measurements. The temperature measurement is again realized by a product of our ELGAS company. it is a temperature transducer with the name EDT 124. It is a new digital transducer with a semiconductor sensing element.

General properties

  • The devices are manufactured in three basic variants:

    • with RS485 serial line
    • with RS232 serial line
    • without serial line

    The design of the device with regard to less future scalability allows the customer a quick acceptable solution, which can be supplemented by 2G or 4G modems.


  • The device includes an optional integrated modem, which is available in variants that support all currently available networks, including IoT "Internet of Things" Narrow Band (NB) networks. In the future, the modem can be replaced at the installation site with a type that supports new modern technologies.
    The modem is powered by its own lithium battery, which, depending on the selected modem, allows the modem to operate for up to 20 years (in LTE-NB networks).


    • Inputs:

      • pulse input (1x LF)
      • digital input (total 3x)
      • optional serial lines (RS232 or RS485 or without serial line)
      • infraport
      • optional modem 2G and 4G (GSM, LTE, NB)


      • digital outputs(2x)
      • infraport
      • optional modems 2G and 4G (GSM, LTE, NB)

Optional accessories

    • PS-E: External power supply for EVC (terminals PWR1)
    • B-RS: Intrinsically safe communication barrier RS485/RS232
    • B-DO: Intrinsically safe barrier for digital outputs
    • PS-M and PS-M1: External power supply for modems in corrector (terminals PWR2)
    • B-PRO: External module includes the functionality of three single devices PS-E, PS-M and B-DO (1x DO)