Basic characteristic

    • Modem power supply backup (9V or 12V)
    • DATCOM–K1 module power supply backup incl. the power supply of intrinsic safe communication line
      RS 485
    • operating temperature -20°C to +60°C
    • performance in non-explosion area
    • communication protocol Modbus
    • casing IP20
    • Two module versions:

    • DATCOM-Z1 without accumulator recharging
    • DATCOM-Z1/A with accumulator recharging

Overview and functions

  • If the power failure occurs, the module allows to supply the power from 12V accumulator also to the modem requiring DC or AC voltage (GSM, telephone), DATCOM-K1 communication module and intrinsically safe line RS485.

    For this purpose, module is equipped with one intrinsically safe source (for line RS 485) and with two "conventional" sources (for modem and DATCOM-K1). In addition, using the galvanic method the sources for DATCOM-K1 and RS485 line are separated - both from each other and from the accumulator circuits. Beside all this, a part of the module is also a  control circuit of the accumulator, detection circuit of the mains power supply, recharging circuit for the accumulator (Z1/A only), and an input circuit for external power supply source of the modem.

    In case of the mains power supply presence, the accumulator is disconnected from its load (three integrated power sources), and it is recharged, resp. being maintained as fully charged.

    The backup time depends on the accumulator type, its age, the temperature and the modem used. For reference purposes, a time of approx. 8 hours can be anticipated for a new accumulator (3,4 Ah), with the temperature of cca 25°C (DATCOM-K1 and telephone modem backup).

    To ensure the intrinsic safety, it is necessary to connect DATCOM-Z1 module to GND by two electric wires, Ø 1,5 mm² each.