Basic features

    • Ranges –25 to +60°C or –40 to +85°C
    • Digital interface RS 485 and modbus communication protocol
    • Based on platinum resistive sensor Pt 1000
    • Very low power consumption: 10 µA idle condition, 1 mA operation, supply voltage from 2,9V
    • High accuracy: ±0,3°C
    • Small size, robust construction
    • Certificate II2G EEx ia IIC T4 or II3G EEx nA II T4


  • Temperature transducer EDT 34 is being characterized by high accuracy, long-term stability and very low power consumption. Device has been equipped by RS 485 bus to provide modbus communication with controlling system.

    Measured values reading or configuration of the transducer has been made via interface RS 485. Measurement is being performed on requests or automatically according to the time interval set.

    Measured values are being stored into its internal memory and can be read from this memory when needed.