• New version is available on following link.

    The new intuitive program Compass for managing EVCs. It is intended for communication with devices ELCOR, ELCORplus, DATCOM, DATCOMplus.

    Supported OS: MS Windows 7,10 (32 or 64 bit)


    • new communication SW with intuitive guide steps
    • communication with the system via fixed-line RS-232/RS-485, telephone or GSM data modem or GPRS channel
    • parametrization of the system (miniELCOR, maxiELCOR, DATCOM-RTU, ELCOR-2, DATCOM-2, DATCOM-AMR, AMR2,AMR3, DATCOM-K4)
    • finishing (calibrating) one-point or two-point measured analog quantities in modules which enable it
    • reading and displaying momentary values of analog and binary quantities
    • reading archived analog and binary quantities, it is storing into databases
    • displaying archived data into table and graph
    • reading and setting up system time