Overview and functions

  • Head is designed for usage in hazardous environment according to norms EN 50 014:1997, EN 50 028:1987. It meets the requirements for electromagnetic disturbance according to ČSN EN 50081-2:1996 and ČSN EN 50082-2:1997. This type of protection is stated as “EEx m“. Electronic components are placed in aluminium case and imbedded by insulating compound SILASTIC.

    HIE-01 is equipped with permanent magnet. This magnet keeps head on the endwall of stated devices and simultaneously switches reed-contact inside devices, which switch over communication between IR interface and interface RS-232C. Warning! When head is attached to IR interface, communication via RS-232C is not possible. Head is produced with cable of length 2,5m or 12m. Cable is finished with serial port connector D-SUB9 or D-SUB25 (plug).