Basic features

    • Infrared optical interface according to EN 62056-21 standard (former IEC-1107 standard)
    • Designed to be used in hazardous areas ZONE 1 a ZONE 2
    • Housing made of Aluminum with permanent magnet inside. This lets to attach HIE-03 to the front panel of the device.
    • Serial interface RS232
    • Cable length 2,5 m or 12 m
    • Communication baud rate 38400 Bd
    • EC Certification FTZU 08 ATEX 0266X, classification II 2G Ex mb II T4

Please note

  • Elgas s.r.o. devices are usually equipped with several communication interfaces (port RS232, RS485, infrared optical interface, modem etc.). If infrared head has been attached on the device, only optical communication interface is being activated. At this time other communication interfaces are not active – it is not possible to communicate via these interfaces.