• Construction

    µ-ELCOR is constructed as compact and robust device in a cabinet from aluminium alloy, securing the necessary shielding of a device. The inside access is obstructed by registered mark (sealing). On the front side of device is placed the eight-digit numeric LCD display. Under the display there is two-line table of displayed quantities. Under the table on the right hand side there are two buttons of foil keyboard for device control. Under the table on left hand side there is viewing window for communication optical head.

    In the left side of the box there are screwed two lids protected by user marks. The smaller lid covers the modes switch. This one is important for setting the parameters by help of communication, during setting into operation and during the battery replacement. The bigger lid covers the access to the battery.

Device characteristics

  • Display

    LCD display makes light upon the pressing of any button on the foil keyboard and by help of buttons there is possible to view the immediate measured values and some set parameters according to the description in two-line table.

    Impulse outputs

    Optional: standardised and operating volume, error message – CANON connector with 9 pins.

    Power Supply

    It is done from lithium battery with service life longer then 6 years (there is allowed the transmission of output impulses and providing the occasional serial communication). The battery is replaceable without infringement of office mark in ZONE 1 and its state is monitored. During decrease in capacity of battery below 10% comes error message.


    Measured data, updated every hour, error and diagnostic messages, all is stored into memory EEPROM and FLASH.

    Monthly, daily and hourly archive contains values: volumes, max. hourly and daily consumption, max. momentary flow. Into daily and hourly archive are extra recorder average values of pressure and temperature of gas (optionally min. and max. values of pressure, temperature and flow).

    Setting archive contains all changes of parameter in format: serial number, identification of employee, date and time, converted and non-converted volume, converted and non-converted alternative volume, constant of gas meter, previous value and actual value of set parameters (min. 100 changes of parameters).

    Status archive contains formation and end of error, data and time (500 records). Stored information in archives can be evaluated via SW on PC after reading contents of archives


  • Standard accessories

    • mounting plate
    • basin for temperature sensor of the length of 100 mm
    • lug on pipeline (straight or cross)
    • straps with liner for attaching the mounting plate to pipeline
    • service SW
    • user manual

    Optional accessories

    • three-way tap DN3 PN100
    • infrared head HIE-01
    • telemetric box TES-01