TelGuide software was developed as a user friendly software to maximally simplify configuration of ELGAS volume correctors and dataloggers. It has a user friendly interface bringing a step by step guidance to customer. TelGuide allows user to configure all basic parameters in the device, to download archived data and to make a basic diagnostic of the device.

TelGuide is compatible with following products: picoELCOR, nanoELCOR, miniELCOR, maxiELCOR, midiELCOR, ELCOR-2, nanoDATCOM, miniDATCOM, maxiDATCOM, midiDATCOM, DATCOM-2, DATCOM-RTU, DATCOM-AMR, DATCOM-AMR2, DATCOM-AMR3 a DATCOM-K4.

TelGuide allows

  • easy configuration
  • intuitive control
  • communication via optical interface  (HIE-03/04) or serial interface RS-232/485
  • download and viewing of the archived data
  • export into the MS EXCEL format
  • basic device diagnostics


Downloaded file is packed by ZIP packing software. Click on "Setup.exe" after unpacking to perform installation. It´s necessary to choose the proper version of the installation file according to your operating system (32 or 64 bit).

Further step is evident from monitor screen. Installation program offers directory, into which will be installed individual parts of program. If offered directory of disk does not satisfy you, bring your own new required disk and directory. Confirm choice by pressing key Enter. Installation is conducted by standard way as with any other programs. After finishing installation, will be created new group with name ELGAS in offer Start/Programs. In group is icon for starting program TelGuide.

Files for download



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