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History and present:

Office for normalization, metrology, and state testing department (ÚNMZ) day 8. September 1999 according to law §16 number 505/1990 code about metrology, an authorized company as a state metrological department (SMS) for verification of measuring instruments – gas-volume conversion devices. SMS was assigned official mark K with registration number 11. Authorization document under reference number1474/97/20 was valid from the date of issue until 31. 12. 2002.

The day 28. March 2001 ÚNMZ decided according to §13 article 1 letter c) and §16 law number 505/1990 code about metrology, under the rule of law number 119/2000 code authorized company for verification of measuring instruments – gas-volume conversion devices. In this decision under reference number 813/00/20, it was given official mark K with registration number 82 to an authorized metrological department (AMS).

On the basis of verification result of the metrological, technical and personal capacity for verification of stated measuring instruments, Czech metrological institute (ČMI) has certified the company to conduct verification of stated measuring instruments – of gas-volume conversion devices. Certificate number 013-OS-0082-01 was issued on 14. May 2001 with validity until 28. June 2004.

In the year 2004 took place another verification capacity on the bases of which ČMI has issued certificate number 0300-OS-K082-04 to the company with validity until 2014.

Verification object

According to authorization conditions is AMS authorized to verify stated measuring instruments: - "authorized type of compact gas-volume conversion devices". In AMS are usually verified measuring instruments, whose producer is company ELGAS limited.


AMS is situated on the 2. floor in a building of the company address. At the disposal is a laboratory with 65m2 area. The laboratory is from a corridor in the building separated with a by-pass chamber.


Air temperature in the laboratory is held in a range from 20 to 22 °C with an aid of air-conditioner. In the laboratory are monitored reference conditions of an - temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity.

Measuring instruments

During verification of gas-volume conversion devices are in the laboratory AMS realized and precisely measured the following quantities:

  Pressure Temperature Counting of impulses
Realization Set of pressure calibrators Thermostatic bath, stability 0.01°C Impulse generator
Measuring etalon DPI 520 Pt 100 + multimeter 6+1/2 míst Impulse counter
Measurement range (0 až 7000) kPa abs (-40 to +95) °C Eight decimal indexes
Uncertainty U (k=2) < 0.03 %MH 46 mK Not given for computing

The best measuring ability during gas-volume conversion devices verification U = 0.045 %MH (k=2)

Etalons are in a given measurement ranges tied directly on etalons ČMI.


Gas-volume conversion devices are verified according to validated and approved internal regulation, which contains uncertainty calculation analysis and corresponds to principles stated in state-wide regulation TPM 6891/95 and 0111-OOP-C032-13. AMS prefers a validated fully automated process of conversion devices verification.


AMS workers are holders of qualification certificate for gas-volume conversion devices granted by either – certification authority number 3034 for certification of workers qualification for metrological activity set up by ČMI Brno, or by – Czech metrological society, certification place number 3008 for certification of workers qualification for metrological and testing activity in Prague.

Surname Name Titel Function Telephone E-mail
Sobotka Vladimír Ing. Head of AMS + technical manager in temperature and conversion device field +420 466 414 559
Gottvald Milan Ing. Technical manager in the pressure field +420 466 414 558
Havlíček Petr   Examining technician +420 466 414 558
Kovář Jan   Quality manager +420 466 414 558

Quality system

In AMS is a built-up of the quality system in accord with metrological regulation MP 002-03. The most crucial documents describing the quality system are Quality manual, Laboratory order, Organization order, Metrological order, Order of computer technology, Scheme link-up of measuring instruments, Documents and data control, Training.

Contact with customer

a) Technical matters:
consult with workers AMS by telephone, by e-mail or personally.
b) Other matters:
Provides you sales department:

  • price list of measuring instrument verification
  • once-only orders
  • long-term contracts
  • receiving measuring instruments for verification

Metrological center

Metrological center


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