DATCOM-K1 communication module can be connected to ELCOR-2, microELCOR-2 or xELCOR/xDATCOM series. Provides RS232/RS485, baud rate and protocol coversion.

DATCOM-K1 module has been equipped with 4 independent ports (P0, P1, P2, P3). These ports allow to create communication node between intrinsically safe line from volume corrector or data logger and two reading devices. As reading device can be used typically modem (telephone line, GSM, radio) and PC. As other examples can be mentioned two modems or two PCs.

Basic features

  • Intrinsically safe communication interface
  • Provides power supply for Elgas s.r.o. volume correctors and data loggers (three intrinsically safe power supplies 5,5V)
  • RS232/RS485 interface conversion
  • Communication baud rate and protocol conversion
  • Module allows connection two modems to EVC/datalogger
  • Supplied from 230V AC mains


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